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  • Tucson Educational Article of the Month - Do Mothballs Or Ammonia Help Repel Snakes?

Do Mothballs Or Ammonia Help Repel Snakes?

Do Mothballs Or Ammonia Help Repel Snakes? (No)

Are you having problem with Arizona snakes in your Tucson yard, attic or even in your home? Do you want to get rid of snakes in your compound but do not really know how to do that? Or you want to repel snakes with mothball or ammonia but do not know whether it will work. There are lots of misconceptions about the effects of ammonia in repelling Arizona snakes. This article is dedicated to provide you with information that will guide you about the effect of ammonia to snake and whether it can actually repel them or not.

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What You Need To Know About Mothballs or Ammonia in Repellent of Snakes
A mothball is a small pellet of a pungent substance, mainly naphthalene usually put in the midst of stored garments in order to repel cloths moths. While ammonia is a strong, colorless pungent gas that is highly soluble in water. Swallowing or even breathing of ammonia liquid may likely result to poisoning. Due to the pungent odor as well as the poisoning effect associated with ammonia most people thought that it will definitely help to repel pests including snakes and others. However, it has been discovered that repelling Tucson snakes with mothballs or ammonia is really a myth and not truth at all.

Why You Should Not Try To Repel Snakes with Mothball or Ammonia
There are many people that have tried repelling snakes with different substances and chemicals but at the end of the day none of the repellents ever works. This is the reason why most professional and highly experienced wildlife removal does not ever try to repel Arizona snakes with mothball or ammonia. The truth is that you may end up poisoning yourself or even pet if you try to repel Tucson snakes in your home with ammonia liquid or gas. More so, the ammonia gas or liquid may end up killing the snakes which is not humane for you to do.

Other Ways of Repelling Snakes from Your Property or Home
Instead of trying to repel Tucson snakes in your home or even yard with ammonia or mothball which will be poisonous to you, there are other ways of getting snakes repelled without any form of risk or poison. One of the ways is with the use of Garcinia kola also known as bitter kola. Since snakes have good sense of smell they can easily perceive the odor from garcinia kola which can make them uncomfortable anywhere they are.

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