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  • Tucson Educational Article of the Month - DOES USING POISON CAUSE DEAD RATS IN THE HOUSE?



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A poison is a dangerous substance that causes death when absorbed in the body. From this definition, we have already answered the question from the title. It is important to note, Arizona rats can really be annoying as they tend destroy a lot of things in the house such as grains, cooked food, fish, and any other thing eatable by them. Sometimes house owners are left without an option other than to poison them. Poisoning can be done in several ways; it can be given to them through baits or in the water. Water is the most effective method to use when poisoning a rat, because rats will never let go off water at the sight of it, they will do everything to drink it even if it means instant death for them. In this article, we are going to look at some of the types of poison that are very effective in killing Tucson rats. They are:

1. Anticoagulants
This type of poison is very deadly, in the sense that it can make the Arizona rat to bleed heavily in pains into muscles and joint. It causes the animal to die of hypovolemic circulatory shock.

2. Bromethalin
Bromethalin is also very effective in poisoning Tucson animals; this type of poison attacks the nervous system causing the animal to die in pains after consumption.

3. Strychnine
This type of poison causes heavy muscular convulsions when used effectively. The rat can die within few minutes of consumption through sheer exhaustion.

4. Antifreeze
Antifreeze has been widely used by many in killing disturbing domestic Arizona animals. When consumed, it can cause instant cellular damage in various organ and tissues of the body, of which the kidney and liver are heavily affective. The resultant effect is heart failure and will eventually leads to death of the Tucson animal.

5. Cholecalciferol
This poison, when applied can cause lots of issues in the Arizona animal body and will present a number of abnormalities in the way the body functions. The most notable effect it can cause is renal failure or a possible hypertension; this condition leads to death of the Tucson animal within 24 hours.

Now that you know, an Arizona rat can be killed effectively by different types of poisons; please do not use any of these poisons except you are experienced or under supervision. The reason is, if any of these is not properly used the resultant effect will be a risk to your own health and it won’t be funny when disaster strikes. Therefore, it is always important to seek the services of a Tucson professional to apply his own techniques when trying to poison any animal in the Arizona house.

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